Darrell Steiger

Carmel, Indiana 46032

We called Radon Technology (Tim Hinojosa) Aug 23. He came to our house to give us a free estimate the same afternoon. We called two other companies, neither of which came to the house to make estimates but did email quotes.

We elected to use Radon Technology because the price was competitive, the installer is the company owner, the proposal suggested sump pump depressurization followed by testing and further crawl space remediation only if the initial remediation did not lower the radon levels satisfactorily.

We were also able to more confidently evaluate the proposal he emailed us after having discussed alternative remediation methods with him when he came to our house.

Tim Hinojosa came, on time, on August 30 for the installation, which took about five hours. He made recommendations about the options for routing of the vent pipe.

All work was performed efficiently and neatly. He cleaned up thoroughly. He left a testing machine to operate a 48 hour test. He came back, on time, to check the results, which did lower the radon below maximum allowable level.

Realtor Comments for System Installed on June 14, 2011

Tim was very helpful over the phone and provided quotes for us promptly. This helped us get the seller to agree to helping us pay for a Radon Mitigation system.

The bank required the Radon system be installed and tested good prior to our closing, which gave us a 4 hr window to close on the house. Tim installed the system on a Tuesday and collected the results on Friday afternoon (at the earliest time possible per the testing requirements). He mailed the results to my bank to satisfy their paperwork requirements. The bank then required the response on letterhead at the last minute and he promptly replied. His swift action helped ensure we got our house closed on the following Monday, prior to our seller leaving the state for two weeks on business.


Customer Comments for System Installed on January 21, 2011

The basement of the 30 year old house is complex having two levels of concrete slab and two crawl spaces (one very large). Tim started with the main slab then to the lower second slab and finally to the crawl spaces. He explained each part of the work and did them in sequence to ensure that the necessary radon levels were reached at the least cost. We now have two extraction fans and the readings are fine.

Tim does all of the work himself. He is very professional, very competent and a thoroughly nice person to do business with. He is punctual, explains exactly what and why he doing each phase of the work and his work is neatly done and everything is cleaned up. Life would be so easy if all contractors were as good as him--I would use him again and recommend him to others with no reservations whatsoever.


Customer Comments for System Installed on August 3, 2011

Tim was prompt, professional, worked quickly and efficiently. He cleaned up after himself and explained everything to me before during and after the procedure. I was impressed.... and believe me. I'm not easily impressed.

Now I'm no longer afraid to go into my basement. I would hire him again, but I hope I don't have to.


Unsolicitated testimonial

Tim, Thank you so much for a great install, a superb functioning system, and most of all, working with my ridiculous bank. We appreciate it very much!


Customer Comments for System Installed on April 28, 2011

Tim installed radon mitigation piping and pump. I live in a historic home in Meridian Kessler with considerable external architectural detail. Tim did a very careful and thoughtful job minimizing the impact of all the required piping on both interior space as well as exterior esthetics. Exceeded my expectations.


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